I am currently a Ph.D. student at Temple University, as a member of Temple AGI Team. My research direction is Artificial General Intelligence. I have been curious about how our mind works since I was a child. My ideal is to create a thinking machine, which is as intelligent as, or even more intelligent than, human beings. I have devoted myself to exploring the principles of intelligence, building a theory of intelligence, creating intelligent machines, and liberating human beings from burdensome mental work.

📖 Education

  • 2022.08 – Now, Doctor of Philosophy, Temple University.
  • 2019.09 – 2022.06, Master of Science, Peking University.
  • 2015.09 – 2019.06, Bachelor of Engineering, University of Science and Technology Beijing.

📝 Publications

     Technical Report

🎖 Honors, Awards, and Patents

  • 2019, Outstanding Dissertation Award of Beijing
  • 2019, Outstanding Graduate of Beijing
  • 2020, China Graduate Mathematical Modeling Competition, the National Second Prize
  • 2014, China Adolescent Robotics Competition, the National Second Prize
  • 2014, Fujian Adolescent Robotics Competition, the Provincial Champion
  • 2022, A Method of Constructing Sparse Look-Up Table, Invention Patent, Applied (ZL202210465837.8), China
  • 2020, A Magnetic-Field-based Orientation Method for Human-Computer Interaction, Invention Patent, Granted (ZL201810413360.2), China

💬 Presentations

🤝 Professional Service

  • Program Committee, Conference on Artificial General Intelligence, 2023.

⚙ Projects